Yooda,” aka "Mr 305 Shotta"adopted his stage moniker from his favorite childhood movie, "Star Wars." Having been influenced by Yooda’s strength, endurance and determination allowed him to focus on attaining many of his pursuits and goals. Yooda, born April 21, is an American rapper, native to Miami, Florida. Yooda released two albums on the streets with the Junkyard Squad entitled "Laugh now, Cry later" (2003) and "The Predator" (2004). In 2005, Yooda began pursuing an opportunity as a solo artist, it is then that he released an album entitled "Chronicles of Yooda" (2006), followed by Chronicles of Yooda, Chapter 2, "Green Eyez" (2007) and Chronicles of Yooda Chapter 3 "305 Shotta" (2010). Return Of Da Shotta (2011), Extreme Measure (2013), Latent Status (2014).Now that Yooda has evolved and matured as an Artist and in every aspect of his life, he is on the cusp of making a name for himself on the musical scene, his mantra is "Music is Yooda and Yooda is Music." Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the musical top 10 list for this rising young Artist.



2009: Nocturnal, Gatsbys

2011: Jake's Bar, Kamazoo, Playhouse, Kisses, The Office, V&K

2012: Club Eve, Secrets, The Office

2013: Diamonds South, Megaplex (Jax) 

2014: The Villa Lounge,

2015: Krome Music and Art Festival, Jazid South Beach Halloween Costume Party

2016: Churchills, The Mint Lounge, Union EAV(ATL), iLounge(ATL), Flager Martini Lounge.

2017: Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis), Miami live, Wynwood yard(Miami), Travelers Lounge (Miami), Prive (Minneapolis) Travelers Lounge (Miami)

2018: Two& (Ft,Lauderdale),

TV and Film Placement:

Local Ambition Season 7(2018)


2016: Oski Award winner for Best Male Rapper






Booking: Yooda21@gmail.com 

Number: 305-902-7551